Safety Regulations Ravnfloget Via Ferrata

Ravnfloget Via Ferrata has a height difference of about 225 m.

Here are simple safety regulations. This is to make you feel like you’re having a safe experience and not exposing yourself or others to unnecessary danger.


It is not allowed to use your own climbing harnesses without being approved by the guide. Approved climbing harness and helmets are included in the ticket. We recommend wearing thin gloves as well as shoes with a stiff sole and good grip. Pack some extra clothes in the bag.

Weather conditions

It is usually not difficult to climb in a rain. Ravnfloget Via Ferrata is constructed with good hand fasteners and solid iron foot steps. Ravnfloget Via Ferrata should never be used if there is a thunderstorm. Should thunderstorms occur during climbing, follow the guide’s instructions.

Always be attached to the wire

The climbing harness has two carabiner hooks. These must be connected to the wire at any time. When you reach the point where the wire is connected to the mountain, first disconnect one carabiner hook and fasten it on the upper side of the fastening bolt, and then the other. Never release both carabiner hooks from the wire.

Watch out for rockfalls and loose objects

If you are unlucky to trigger a rock or lose something, immediately scream as loud as you can “stone”. Those who climb below should as quickly as possible turn towards the mountain and bend forward.


Keep a good distance. There should never be two climbers between two bolts. Keep in mind that if the climber in front of you falls, they stop only after passing the nearest fastener bolt. Keep an eye on the climber after you and speak up if they are come too close. It is strictly forbidden to pass whoever climbs in front of you.


Falls can occur in a Via Ferrata. Ravnfloget Via Ferrata is designed to withstand the weight of people falling, and one will never fall further than to the previous fastening bolt, i.e. where wire is attached to the mountain (Note: See section for distance between climbers). Simple injuries can occur but falls in Via Ferrata have rarely led to serious injuries.