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    Ravnfloget Via Ferrata on Vega

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    Climbing the Ravnfloget has been a dream for many people.
    A rugged mountain that has mostly been a playground for ravens and eagles.

    The track up to the start

    From the parking at Sundsvold and up to the start of the trails, there is a nice track through an exciting landscape. The trip takes less than 30 minutes of slowly walking and is about 100 height meters.

    The Climbing Trials

    There has been built two climbing trails. The Green route is approx. 510 m and the Black one is approx. 550 m. In the middle of the wall they meet and go into a Nepal bridge.

    The return to the parking area

    The return down from the mountain uses the wooden stairs which are built from the scree and up to the top of Ravnfloget, ‘Vegatrappa’. This is another exciting experience where several rest areas are added.


    The guides will do their utmost to make you feel safe throughout the whole climb even if you are moving at the outer edge of your comfort zone. They are trained to deal with any unforeseen situations. The trails are built with top safety so not even rainy weather will stop you from climbing safely in Ravnfloget.


    The climatic conditions of Vega with mild winters and little snow allow us to have a long season of climbing in Ravnfloget. We expect that in most years the season can start in April and offer climbing to mid-October. If temperatures become cold, we will shut down the Via Ferrata for safety reasons.

    The top of the Mountain Ravnfloget

    From the top of Ravnfloget there is a wonderful view. If the weather is good, you will be able to see most of the famous World Heritage Area around Vega. The area has been on UNESCO’s WORLD heritage area since 2004. Ask the guide and you will get all the answers. In the bivouac at the top you can enjoy your food and drinks and meet others who have been walking to the top by using the Vegatrappa.